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Plugin Rating Users Description
Actions Command Menu 1 A HUD addition that lets pilots quickly access common commands or phrases, mostly intended to be used in-combat.
AFK Toggler 2 Allows you to save PMs directed at you while you are AFK and respond to them when you get back. usage: /afk (no arguments): Turn on AFK responses and show the log /afk "I am afk" : Sets your response message to 'I am afk'. quotes are neccesary. you can also just edit the message at the bottom of the log. /showafk : Shows the log without turning on the AFK responder.
Event Radar 1 An optional client plugin for team-based events, the EventRadar should help pilots recognize who is on their team. ER will listen to a pre-marked host's sector spam and use that to determine the pilot's team, printing a message to chat and sometimes affecting scan info and targetting box color.
Free for all Event Host 1 This plugin allows people to track kills in a sector, intended for a free-for-all styled event.
IgnoreIRC1.4 2 New version of IgnoreIRC to work with the official vendetta online discord relay (VO-Discord)
Radial Hitflash 1 Appends a simple image to the hitflash, which makes it only affect the borders.
Run Lua 1 A plugin that lets you execute multiple lines of lua code in the client, instead of using the single line within the game console. Intended for plugin developers.
say_system 1 Implements a /say_system command that operates like a normal chat command.
Timekeeper 1 Places a clock on the options display, with options for local, UTC, or Swatch Internet Time.
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