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14:27 [100] <Coffee Bean> Thank you so much Elder Futhark!!
14:27 [100] <Coffee Bean> Your help made me earn enough to repay you!
14:28 [100] VO-Discord <Elder Futhark> Thats not allowed
14:28 [100] <Coffee Bean> Oki...
14:28 [100] <Coffee Bean> well I guess I'm ok with being ur servant
14:28 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> Serving the Greather Good\
14:28 [100] <Coffee Bean> someone else told me the other day it's either I repay you or you own me somehow and I guess I'll play along
14:31 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> The Tutorials are in depth holy... i m literally feel like i am in school again.
14:31 [100] <ARF_02> lol yep
14:48 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> Weee mission done
14:50 [100] GreyShop is in Edras G-11. I have e.g: gauss3 15k, uc 10k, ihdpc 400k, anni 12.5k, aapb 10k, cupb 500k, ... Usage: /msg "GreyShop" help
14:51 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> WB SHLOOGER
14:52 [100] <Shlooger> o7 went to get some jack in the box breakfast
14:53 [100] <Shlooger> they ran out of forks and gave me a long spoon meant for shakes
14:57 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> I have a Spork
14:58 [100] <Shlooger> im planning on buying a tactical reusable spork
14:58 [100] <Shlooger> its olive drab green
14:59 [100] VO-Discord <Elder Futhark> Coffee, idk who told you that, but everyone in vo is the slave of EMS. We literally own your hulls.
15:00 [100] <Hawkfeather> Latos Blockade will be in Latos O-12 on Friday, April 12 starting at 6PM CST (2300 GMT) and running for 24h
15:00 [100] <Hawkfeather> During the event, players will work together to create as many capship hulks in the sector as possible
15:00 [100] <Hawkfeather> Any player who kills at least one capship in the event sector will receive 1 mil credits (screenshot of kill required)
15:00 [100] <Hawkfeather> The player or group that creates the most hulks in sector (screenshots required) will receive 20 mil credits split evenly
15:00 [100] <Shlooger> get away from my hull elder
15:00 [100] <Hawkfeather> FAMY will also sponsor player capship duels to the death. Winner will get a prize, loser will be compensated
15:00 [100] <Hawkfeather> ALL players are welcome to participate (yes, even you). Active participants have free warranty coverage during event
15:00 [100] <ARF_02> loool that sounds awesome
15:01 [100] <Shlooger> eh ill probably just do hives or something but maybe ill go
15:01 [100] <Hawkfeather> ...starts in 8 hours! Get ready for some explosions!
15:14 [100] <Shlooger> anyone remember what the O tab under buddies does
15:17 [100] VO-Discord <Teni> Online status. It enables / disbales whether your buddies can see if you're online through the website
15:18 [100] <Shlooger> okay thats what i though
15:18 [100] <Shlooger> ty
15:31 [100] <Shlooger> da fuq?
15:31 [100] <Shlooger> some newbie talk if i ever heard
15:31 [100] <Shlooger> coffee bean
15:33 [100] <Shlooger> got to switch up the chat
15:33 [100] <Shlooger> yarg
15:35 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> Is it normal that 3 training missions altho i completed them still in my mission board ?
15:36 [100] <Shlooger> yea
15:36 [100] <Shlooger> so if you got beginner combat mission you can do it over and over
15:36 [100] <Shlooger> same for some others
15:36 [100] <Shlooger> not all
15:37 [100] <Shlooger> like right now i got advanced combat missions and i can keep doing it
15:37 [100] <Shlooger> good for leveling your license and getting crystal and some chump change
15:38 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> I have Advanced Combat/Avanced Training/Training IV still on the board... mildly irritating but ohwell
15:39 [100] <Shlooger> its just so you can keep practicing
15:39 [100] <Shlooger> good to do it a few times
15:44 [100] <Cpt. Iidacon> taking break after mission have to cool donw a bit
15:45 [100] <Shlooger> ok
15:50 [100] GreyShop is in Edras G-11. I have e.g: gauss3 15k, uc 10k, ihdpc 400k, anni 12.5k, aapb 10k, cupb 500k, ... Usage: /msg "GreyShop" help
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