chocolateer's Plugins

Plugin Rating Users Description
ChSound 0 Plays sound whenever someone chats to the designated channel.
ClickCommander 4 Allows binding multiple commands to a single key, differentiating between a long press, single-click, double-click, etc.
HUD Messages 5 Displays messages for toggling F/A, A/A, mouselook, as well as the mining beam warnings on the HUD instead of the chatbox.
IgnoreIRC 4 Ignores players on IRC that are on your ignore list.
Max Profit 10 Adds a button to the sell dialog that finds the sell qty resulting in maximum total profit.
MfgAide 13 Displays list of missing items needed for the active manufacturing mission
NavHome 16 Adds button to nav screen that plots a course back to your home station.
PMsound 6 Plays sound when you receive a PM.
QuickReply 5 Commands to make it easier to send PMs.
RadarColor 4 Allows customization of the color, shape and size of radar blips by type.
RadarSwap 14 Allows you to select different images to use for the radar and change its size.
Ship Loadouts Manager 40 Save ship loadouts on a per-station basis. Allows custom loadout names.
Sound Alert Suite 24 Plays alert sounds for various in-game actions
Timer 8 In-game timer to set your own countdown.
Trigger Colors 5 Adds new colors for the highlights around addons displayed on the HUD to distinguish which trigger it is set to
WeaponSafe 5 Adds a /safe command that puts weapons in a safe mode where not assigned to any trigger.
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