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Plugin Rating Users Description
AutoJett_v2 5 This plugin is an enhanced(+fixed) version of the original AutoJett plugin ( I (Lanigiro Elbbarcs) copied it and changed it a little.
bestsell 9 Finds the item, which has the best profit / cu in ship cargo. Extremely useful when you have items with different volumes (2cu, 4cu, ..) and you have to quickly determine the best item to trade. Check also the buyall plugin.
buyall 6 Handy plugin for buying and loading one piece of every trade item. If item is already loaded, then it is skipped. Check also the bestsell plugin.
CapshipRedux 8 This plugin allows a capship owner to toggle the ability to automatically take control of his/her capship(without pressing a silly button), using the /controlcapship command. It also provides the following commands: /undockship1 /undockship2 ... /undockship6 Which undocks with the corresponding positioned ship. If there is no ship available, it does nothing. Updated because of bad ID
Guild Bank Stats 5 1st tab: displays guild bank events in scrollable list. 2nd tab: shows some player specific stats.
Hangar 3 This plugin shows a list (GUI) of your ships inside your capship (with addons+cargo) and offers easy launch option for each ship. Screenshot: (couldn't upload screenshot here, so I uploaded it to imgur) (I made this plugin when the ship list had only cargo amount without contents. Now the contents are shown too. I'm a little late publishing this. Anyways here it is, use it if you like)
Key manager 13 Features: - show station key statuses - give/revoke user keys (+ playername "cycle" autocomplete). - copy members from other keys 0.8 changes (2020-01): - Optimized fetching key data - Possible issue: When a key access data gets updated, it might not show up in plugin, before vo-client is fixed to keep its internal key data tables updated... 0.7 changes (2018-01): - Multi-select support 0.6 changes (2017-04): - fixed size overflow problems with long key names 0.5 changes (2017-02): - skip handling events when ui is not running 0.4 changes (2015-12): - Added options to copy/clear selected members in clipboard and key lists. 0.3 changes (2015-12): - player names colored by faction - spammy messages supressed ("key info received", "user key given to ...", "user key taken from ...") 0.2 changes (2015-11): - minor UI fix (Screenshots are outdated, I'm getting permission denied error when uploading new images..)
launch_and_explode 1 launch, wait 10 sec and /explode, wait and start again. ** Please wait patiently few secs when buyback dialog appears...
Show Players In Sector 20 This plugin shows players in sector with guild tags and faction colors. List is shown every time someone enters or leaves the sector.
Target Nearest Real Enemy 6 This plugin skips group and guild members when targetting nearest enemy. Please, report bugs via KNOWN ISSUES: If VO crashes, the original binds are not restored.
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