remen's Plugins

Plugin Rating Users Description
AutoSell 2 /autosell add "EC-89" -- will add EC-89's to your auto-sell list. Multiple items are supported. Will sell all EC-89's in inventory when you dock. (unless it is the ship you're currently using.) /autosell on -- will turn autosell on /autosell off -- will turn autosell off /autosell del "EC-89" -- will remove EC-89 from your sell list. /autosell list -- will show your current sell list. /sellall "EC-89" -- will sell all EC-89's in inventory at the docked station
Colorize 1 Colorize your player names on the Character Selection screen (after login) based on character faction.
CompVoice 1 Computerized voice for user settable health percentages (audible alerting) and optional HUD message.
CompVoice-Lite 2 Lite version of the CompVoice plugin. Only contains voices for 5, 25, 50, and 75%.
Rent 1 /rent to see your current station storage rent and estimated weekly total. /rent autoreduce [on|off] to toggle reducing your reserved storage based on current inventory levels at ship docking.
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