Automatically adds respawning bots found in unmonitored sectors at the top of your system notes for that sector. The format is the same as provided by the game for monitored sectors, but the typically more dangerous bots classes are sorted first.

This is done at the time you spawn in a sector. If you enter the sector when all of a type of bot has just been killed and not respawned yet, then then this type will not be recorded. Just visit the sector again later and it will be corrected. The same goes for entering the sector out of radar range of the bots. Bots will not be recorded during ion storms.

Only bots permanently found in a sector are recorded. The plugin tries to exclude unrats, voys, mission bots, hive infestations and similar "visitors" to a sector.

This plugin has no commands or configuration options.

Prospector 3 can use this plugin to display bot activity in its search results also for unmonitored sectors.
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.0.4 2022 - Jul 17 Download Use this version
1.0.3 2022 - Jul 10 Download Use this version
1.0.2 2022 - Jun 29 Download Use this version
1.0.1 2022 - Jun 27 Download Use this version
1.0 2022 - Jun 26 Download Use this version
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