CondHail is a rule-based conditional hail plugin. You press one button, then it compares your target to a list of rules and criteria to choose what message to send.
/condhail: hails target
/condhail help: display this usage
/condhail save: save current rules to systemnotes
/condhail load: discard current rules and load from systemnotes or defaults
/condhail rule list: list rules
/condhail rule add <name> "<message>": Add a new rule to the end of the list. Yes, quotes are necessary.
/condhail rule name <n> <name>: Change the name of rule <n> to <name>
/condhail rule message <n> "<message>": Change the hail message sent for rule <n> to <message>
/condhail rule move <n> <to>: Move rule <n> to before <to> in the list
/condhail rule del <n>: Remove rule <n>
/condhail rule listc <n>: list the critera for rule <n>
/condhail rule addc <n> <crit> <args>: add criteria to rule <n>
/condhail rule delc <n> <m> : delete criteria <m> from rule <n>. Use listc to find <m>
/condhail criteria list: List available criteria functions
/condhail criteria <crit> help: Display a description and help(if any) for the specified criteria function
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0.2.1 2012 - Feb 10 Download Use this version
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