M.A.I.D. (Mining And Inventory Daemon)

Manage ship cargo, ores and mining.

* Automatically jettison items of your choosing (ores, cargo, scrap, etc).

* Jettison items immediately (combat mode) or just before ship is full.

* Time cargo drops to make sure they don't disappear.

* Monitor asteroid temperatures to prevent overheating.

* Review mining and cargo statistics.
Toggle M.A.I.D. menu.

Toggle cargo jettison.

Toggle exclusive mode. In exclusive mode, any item not specifically listed in the cargo items list will be jettisoned.

Toggle combat mode. In combat mode, *all* cargo is immediately jettison.

Toggle asteroid temperature notifications. When active, you will receive messages when the asteroid has reached a pre-set temperature.

Toggle asteroid temperature safety. When active, your mining beams will automatically power down before the asteroid overheats.

Toggle sound notifications when asteroid has overheated, cargo is jettisoned, ship is full, etc.

Known bugs (just nuisances, really):

MAID can't tell the difference between ore that was mined and ore that was collected. If you pick up a single crate of ore, MAID will think you mined it. Thus, the cargo tally may show that there is ore you haven't picked up, even if you did, and the cargo timer won't automatically stop.

The auto mining beam shutoff can cause unwanted weapons fire after you change ships - checking with the VO devs.
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.4 2010 - Sep 16 Download Use this version
1.3 2010 - Sep 11 Download Use this version
1.2 2010 - Sep 11 Download Use this version
1.1 2010 - Sep 11 Download Use this version
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