SilverBeam proudly presents you SmartJett,the ultimate autojett plugin! SmartJett can auto-detect the correct quantity and oretype at the start of a mission,thus engaging autojett with the correct ore. Smartjett has sound support via kombattunes. A voice will play at every quarter of mission completion to update you on your mission status. This can be disabled in the main file.
/sj aj <ore1> <ore2> ecc.. --enable standard autojett using the first 2 letters of the ore's name

/sj sj --enable/disable smartjett. It will activate when you add a mission.It will automatically detect the ore and quantity required engaging the correct autojett ore.

/sjforce --this command forces smartjett to scan for a mission.Smartjett must be engaged first.If it is used AFTER some of the mission requirement has already been mined, the ore count will not work properly.

--Sound is enabled by default. If you do not wish to use it, open the main file and change the kombattunes variable to false, otherwise the plugin WILL CRASH
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.2.sound 2016 - Feb 26 Download Use this version
1.1.sound 2016 - Feb 26 Download Use this version
1.0.sound 2016 - Feb 26 Download Use this version
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