This version allows the compatibility for New UI as well as the Old UI.

In the New UI the TCS Options button gets moved into the upper left corner; I am not proficient in IUP to prettify this, but it is functional. ~Spy

Change Notes:
• This uses Rio's finding of the line in question that caused the crash (main.lua:177), and tsreknor's telling me of the `usenewui` parameter in the config.ini
• All we do is check if `usenewui` is true or false and execute the line in question

==== Original ====
Author: Scuba Steve 4.0
Name: ToasterCrushSuite
Version: 1.2.1
Description: Various plugins that are useful for flight/awareness.
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.2.2 2021 - Apr 19 Download Use this version
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