TeamDX user client

An optional plugin for TeamDX that will modify targetting box color, scanner data, or place a message in chat for whether your target is on your team or not.
/teamdx --open client interface

Press the connect button to join the server. if the host is running management software, you will automatically get team data downloaded. This data will be updated every time teams are updated.

You can toggle where you are notified of your target's team alignment. As of this time, you can get a message in chat, a message will be placed in your "scan info" section of your HUD (doesn't work with scanners equipt), and/or you can change the color of your targetting box.

To do:
A Targetlist-like display on the HUD itself of who is on your team
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
v1.0 b006 2021 - Aug 07 Download Use this version
v1.0 b005 2021 - Aug 07 Download Use this version
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