Trade Assist

TA (Trade Assistant) is a local caching database with query/compare for station commodity's by Mad Miner Moda.

2 key critical parts to this.

1) dock,
add station to list if not there already.
get price for all station items for sale
get sell prices for all items in your inventory, ships, items, etdc..

2) query/compare
show 2 stations.
pick buy/sell stations.
show profit/loss between stations A and B.


negative profit does not show up.
profit marked with a ''p' is unknown volume so assuming 1 cu.
cu or mass marked with a ?? is unknown.

for the buy/sell stations to work you MUST have items from teh 'buy' station at the 'sell' station for it to register.\
trade tab will show all stations that buy or sell that you have visited.
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