Allows you to bind joystick axes to commands that normally require digital controls (e.g. +Shoot1, +Turbo, etc.)
/a2d help
/a2d clear <js> <axis>
/a2d clear_all
/a2d print
/a2d set <js> <axis> <high threshold> <high command> <low threshold> <low command>

Example: /a2d set 0 4 500 +Shoot1 -500 +Shoot2

The thresholds range from +/- 1000.

You can disable either command by setting it to an empty string, or by setting the threshold to a number outside of the +/- 1000 range.
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.2 2013 - Aug 08 Download Use this version
1.1 2013 - Aug 08 Download Use this version
1.0 2013 - Jul 29 Download Use this version
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