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Plugin Rating Users Description
AnalogToDigital 7 Allows you to bind joystick axes to commands that normally require digital controls (e.g. +Shoot1, +Turbo, etc.)
AutoLogin 34 Automatically logs you in. Edit the main.lua file with a text editor to configure it.
Background Toggler 6 Toggles whether the background should be displayed. Turning it off can be useful when trying to locate objects that are beyond radar range.
BountyHUD 27 Adds to the HUD the total bounty on your head, as well as any bounty on your target.
Catalog 16 Catalogs information on items (prices, stats, etc.). When you target a stack of items, it displays the estimated value.
ChanColors 11 Allows you to assign colors to individual channels.
DisplayShipPos 11 This re-introduces the old /DisplayShipPos command.
dopplerhostility 13 Paints ships in the radar red if they are approaching, and green if they are stationary or moving away. Optionally flashes back and forth when the ship is within the proximity alarm's distance.
Honk 93 Allows you to honk at other ships in the sector. Other users of the plugin (as well as you) will hear a honking sound, which differs based on ship.
KombatTunes 2 Plays a song at random (or determined by pattern matching). Intended to be used mainly by other plugins, e.g. LegionHail, but can also be used by hand. NOTE: This is the lite version that does not include sample audio. See the forum thread for a link to a version that includes sample audio.
LegionHail 4 Provides ability to have multiple "modes" (e.g. pirate, trader, pvp), each of which can have any number of hails associated with it. When you run /legionhail, it will choose a hail at random from the current mode and send it to your target. It also integrates with KombatTunes, if installed, and on sending a hail it initiates the playing of a song if one isn't already active.
Libramatic Stimulatory Distractonator 9 It serves absolutely no purpose other than to make things trippy.
Mute Music 2 Toggles whether the game plays music or not. It will still play sound. You can optionally modify the sound and music volumes as well. It's mainly useful if you want to quickly disable the in-game music so you can listen to external music, and to quickly enable it again when finished.
NationWar Announcer Plugin 2 This is just a simple plugin I put together to help me with running Nation War. It lets me easily give the "20 minutes to nation war, yadda yadda" announcement, has a rule-spamming function, and can provide a countdown as well.
SpeedWarp 24 Increases the FOV as you exceed your ship's standard velocity. Looks particularly nice in the 3rd person view.
TapLockTurbo 12 Works like +turbo (press to turbo, release to stop turboing), unless you double-tap it. When double-tapped, it locks turbo until the next time you press it.
TargetButton 12 Performs "Target Nearest", ignoring hostility. Ignores group members by default (this is optional). Can optionally ignore guild members as well.
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