Mute Music

Toggles whether the game plays music or not. It will still play sound. You can optionally modify the sound and music volumes as well. It's mainly useful if you want to quickly disable the in-game music so you can listen to external music, and to quickly enable it again when finished.
/snd help
/snd mute | unmute | toggle
/snd set <m>
/snd set <s> <m>
In the 'set' command, the <s> will adjust the sound effect volume, while the <m> sets the music volume.
Values range from 1-11, where 1 is muted and 11 is full.
All options can be used via their first letter as well, e.g. '/set m' to mute. If no option is given, it toggles.
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.1 2011 - Oct 21 Download Use this version
1.0 2011 - Aug 16 Download Use this version
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