NationWar Announcer Plugin

This is just a simple plugin I put together to help me with running Nation War. It lets me easily give the "20 minutes to nation war, yadda yadda" announcement, has a rule-spamming function, and can provide a countdown as well.
/nationwar number 274
* Sets which number the war is (and by extension, whether or not valks are allowed)

/nationwar loc "Sedina D-2"
* Sets the location

/nationwar start 20.5
* Sets the starting time in hours UTC. If you want to use an intermediate time, such as 20:30, consider the minutes as a fraction of the hour. So 20:30 would be given as 20.5.

/nationwar prize "20 million"
* Sets the number of credits announced as the prize. Note that it assumes the prize will be credits, so you just input a string describing how many. If you wanted to use something else as a prize (e.g. capship parts), you'd need to edit the plugin.

/nationwar valk
* Specify that this war will permit valks.

/nationwar novalk
* Specify that this war will not permit valks.

/nationwar go
* Initiate the countdown in sector chat, terminated with "GO!!!"

/nationwar abort
* Abort the countdown and notify the sector that the countdown was aborted. This can also abort the rules spam as well, though it would still say "Countdown ABORTED" to the sector.

/nationwar chan 100
* Sets which channel should be used for the announcements and rules spam (to use sector chat, give it "T"). It does not need to be your active channel, though you do need to be listening on it.

/nationwar warn
* This is the default action that happens if you don't provide any parameters.

/nationwar demo
* This works like "warn", except instead of broadcasting it over chat it simply prints it in your own chat window so that you can proofread it and what-not without bothering people.

/nationwar print
* This outputs a list of the current settings. It does not send anything over chat.

/nationwar rules
* This prints out the rules to whatever channel the plugin is set to use, 100 by default. For courtesy you may want to direct newbies to join a different channel and send them the rules on that one, because it can be rather spammy. Or get them into your local sector, and set the channel to "T" so it spams to sector chat.
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