Catalogs information on items (prices, stats, etc.). When you target a stack of items, it displays the estimated value.

/cat on|off|toggle : enable/disable catalog plugin
/cat p <name> : print average prices of item <name>
/cat pp <pattern> : print average prices of items with names matching <pattern>
/cat w <name> [system] : print stations selling item <name>, optionally limited to the system [system]
/cat wp <name> [system] : print stations selling items with names matching <pattern>, optionally limited to the system [system]
/cat l <name> : print short info about item <name>
/cat lp <name> : print short info about items with names matching <pattern>
/cat ll <name> : print long info about item <name>
/cat llp <name> : print long info about items with names matching <pattern>
/cat c <name1> <name2> : print comparison between <name1> and <name2>
/cat cp <pat1> <pat2> : print comparison between patterns <pat1> and <pat2>
/cat s <name> <reason> : flag item <name> as special, for <reason>
/cat us <name> : remove the special flag from item <name>
/cat ls : list items flagged as special
/cat debug_clear : clear db
/cat debug_pall : print names of all items in db
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.4 2012 - May 04 Download Use this version
1.3 2011 - Dec 29 Download Use this version
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