Capture the Flag

Two teams, two stations

Take a piece of cargo from the enemy station and deliver it home to score!

Team 1 home: Sedina D14
Team 2 home: Bractus D9

-Turbo is restricted while carrying a "flag"
-Cargo auto ejects while playing unless it's the flag
-When the flag is dropped if it can be defended for 3 min it will reset back to home station

This is very proof of concept and very much in an alpha state. Stats are not saved yet due to potentially unstable nature of current release. Have fun, don't abuse it.
/ctfstart -join game and get team assignment
/ctfstop - disconnect from game
/ctfsay - Send message to team members

Version Release Date Download My Plugins 2017 - Jun 17 Download Use this version
0.1.6 2017 - Jun 15 Download Use this version
0.1.5 2016 - Jan 23 Download Use this version
0.1 2016 - Jan 19 Download Use this version
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