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Capture the Flag 6 Two teams, two stations Take a piece of cargo from the enemy station and deliver it home to score! Team 1 home: Sedina D14 Team 2 home: Bractus D9 -Turbo is restricted while carrying a "flag" -Cargo auto ejects while playing unless it's the flag -When the flag is dropped if it can be defended for 3 min it will reset back to home station This is very proof of concept and very much in an alpha state. Stats are not saved yet due to potentially unstable nature of current release. Have fun, don't abuse it.
CtC Countdown 3 This is the CtC Countdown plugin that alerts you of upcoming and in progress CtC with sounds. The Author is AWOL and this is here to keep it archived for future users. If the author returns message me in game or on the forums and I will add you as owner and remove myself.
Distributed IRC relay 6 Relay server and client to offload relay services across multiple players within a guild
Doomsday client 1 Doomsday lua client
Escort Turbo 4 This plugin will restrict your turbo to within 160m/s.
Parsec music plugin 15 The Parsec music plugin is another VO music replacement program. This one replaces the music with the music from the old LAN space shooter Parsec. It mimics the behavior of their music system as well
Wing Commander Music 6 Replaces Vendetta Audio with Wing Commander 1 tracks
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