Distributed IRC relay

Relay server and client to offload relay services across multiple players within a guild
The server connects to IRC to a channel of your choice and awaits connections from relay clients, the first client connected becomes relayer.
If relayer should disconnected, timeout or die another relayer is selected from connected clients. What this means is if you do not wish to
pay for a second account for your guild you can distribute the lua script to all guild members and essentially have a continuous relay without
the unnecessary extra account.

Lua commands:

/relayon start relay
/relayoff stop relay
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
0.6 2012 - Aug 28 Download Use this version
0.3 2011 - Oct 06 Download Use this version
0.2 2011 - Oct 05 Download Use this version
0.1 2011 - Oct 04 Download Use this version
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