Doomsday client

Doomsday lua client
This plugin will connect to the Doomsday game server and allow you to either monitor the global event log or log in and play.

This is another one of my concept plugins, don't expect perfection

/ddaystart - connects to game server, will display global events without requiring login
/ddaystop - disconnect from Doomsday
/ddaylogin <username> <password> - log in to the game
/dday <cmd> send doomsday commands

Known issues:
-Output is to VO's stdout and the font is not fixed so the tables all look shitty
-If you ReloadInterface() while logged in you will be stuck as the original connection will not be terminated until you quit VO, use /ddaystop if you plan to ReloadInterface()
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
0.1 2011 - Oct 05 Download Use this version
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