Adds movable HUD displays with target, weapon and self info. Can also be used to toggle elements of the normal HUD, optionally at the press of bound keys.
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I made it because some information that's useful in a fight is displayed rather far from where you are usually looking (which is your target).
For example target's health and distance is waaay far (for me anyway, tho i do have rather big screen) in right top corner,
or ammo count, way to the left.
So during a fight when every second matters i didn't have the time to spare not looking at my target.
And the fact i have fonts set not too big doesn't help quickly reading default displays.
So i figured it'd be nice to display it somewhere else, for example close to the center of the hud.

Anyway after this rather long introduction here's what the plugin does.

It displays 3 movable transparent dialogs with:
- your health
- target info
- name and ammo of all ammo weapons
You can move each dialog to wherever you like and disable any part of it.
Font size is also changeable.

/customhud - toggles it on/off
/customhud config - shows config window (duh)

There's also /togglehud command which toggles chosen parts of normal hud.
Idea is to bind it to a key and show more hud when say not in a fight and hide distracting parts when fighting. Or something like that.
It's configurable in the config windo
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