draugath's Plugins

Plugin Rating Users Description
Auto-Target 4 Targets the closest non-friendly (N)PC when you kill your previous target.
customHUD 3 Adds movable HUD displays with target, weapon and self info. Can also be used to toggle elements of the normal HUD, optionally at the press of bound keys.
DKAutofill 5 Deprecated - functionality available in the vanilla client.
DroidButtons 94 The DroidButtons plugin allows users on the Android platform to create additional buttons on the HUD for an enhanced gameplay experience. These buttons can be assigned any commands.
MDI RoidDB 8 Local asteroid database plugin with an enhanced GUI
MDI TargetList 30 A minimalist on-HUD target list display.
MDI TargetList Tab - Chainfire 2 A tab for MDI-TargetList that allows you to quickly configure chainfire aliases.
MDI TargetList Tab - Points-of-Interest 5 A tab for MDI-TargetList that displays points-of-interest in the current system and allows for the plotting of quick navigation routes to these places.
TabReply++ 8 TabReply++ enhances the normal behavior of the Tab button for replying to PMs.(Does not currently work on Mobile)
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