The DroidButtons plugin allows users on the Android platform to create additional buttons on the HUD for an enhanced gameplay experience. These buttons can be assigned any commands.
Last updated: 2021-10-28

** Disclaimer **
This is a player-created plugin, and is not an official Guild Software product, and thus not officially supported by Guild Software. Please post in this thread if you encounter a bug, have a question, or have some other support request.

** Introduction **
The DroidButtons plugin allows users on the Android platform to create additional buttons on the HUD for an enhanced gameplay experience. These buttons can be assigned any commands.

** Buttons **
Each button can be assigned up to two commands, a short-press command and a long-press command. If a +Command is assigned as a short-press, then the long-press option will be disabled for that button. Commands to control movement of the ship can only be assigned as a short-press command.

Short-press commands are executed immediately (as in the case of +Commands), or upon release of the button if there is no long-press command assigned, or if the button was pressed for less-than the long-press delay if a long-press command is assigned.

The long-press command becomes active after holding the button for one second or longer and releasing it. Some +Commands (eg +Shoot2) can be assigned as a long-press command. If this is done, then the the cancel sequence will also need to be provided (eg +Shoot2 0).

** Touch Look Mode **
Touch Look Mode is supported by leveraging VO's Options (Options > Advanced > Controls > Touch). Once enabled, you will need to create a field with the commands "Turn" and/or "Pitch". TouchLook fields work best when the field is rather large.

** GUI **
There is a GUI for management of your buttons. When editing your buttons, there are two methods for placement. The basic placement method opens up the screen for you to tap the screen where you want it to be located. The basic placement method also supports snap-to-grid to help you align all of your buttons. There is also an advanced placement method which allows you to edit the locational and dimensional values of the buttons.

There are two ways to enter the commands you wish to associate with a button. You can press the dropdown arrow to the right of the field to choose from a static list of commands. You can also tap the text field itself to enter a command that is not in the list or to modify a command selected from the list.

** Accelerometer **
DroidButtons will also allow you to change what commands are bound to each tilt axis on the accelerometer. Due to issues currently beyond my control, if you enable custom binds on the accelerometer in DroidButtons and then later open Options > Controls, you will need to reopen DroidButtons and reset your preferred tilt commands. If you later decide you don't want custom binds, then after disabling them, you will need to open Options > Controls and reset the defaults in there. These controls are also still kind of rough, but they perform the necessary tasks.

** Known Issues **
Problem: After using the touch-to-place interface for placing buttons, the long-press option on the default UI buttons becomes disabled, preventing you from changing those buttons.
Solution: The current fix to this involves simply reloading the interface (/reload).

** Installation **
1) Locate the Vendetta Online directory. This will be at Android/data/com.guildsoftware.vendetta/files.
2) Create a directory named "plugins" within the above directory
3) Unzip the contents of the droidbuttons zipfile into the "plugins" directory
4) Restart VO

** Commands **
/db -- opens the configuration GUI
/con -- this is a shortcut command for /consoletoggle
/reload -- reloads the interface (this command is specific to this plugin)
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2.3.1 2021 - Nov 26 Download Use this version
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2.1.2 2021 - Apr 11 Download Use this version
2.1.1 2021 - Jan 17 Download Use this version
2.1.0 2014 - Aug 05 Download Use this version
2.0.0-a4_ttpfix 2013 - May 23 Download Use this version
2.0.0-a4 2013 - May 14 Download Use this version
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