Event Radar

An optional client plugin for team-based events, the EventRadar should help pilots recognize who is on their team. ER will listen to a pre-marked host's sector spam and use that to determine the pilot's team, printing a message to chat and sometimes affecting scan info and targetting box color.
Usage for Event Attendees:
/EventRadar <Pilot name in quotes>
--Mark a pilot as host
--See additional options. Right now, you shouldn't use these...

Usage for Event Hosts:
EventRadar will listen to sector chat for a string beginning with Team...:, where ... is ignored. It then takes every pilot name after the : and seperated by ; and stores them internally. any team list that doesn't include the current pilot's name is then ignored. Use this example for formatting:

'Team A: Luxen; Incarnate; Raybondo; Nihilus'
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v0.1 2020 - Aug 08 Download Use this version
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