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Plugin Rating Users Description
Actions Command Menu 2 A HUD addition that lets pilots quickly access common commands or phrases, mostly intended to be used in-combat.
AFK Toggler 3 Allows you to save PMs directed at you while you are AFK and respond to them when you get back.
Babel Translation Library 2 Babel provides other mods the ability to support multiple languages through an individualized translation table system.
Bigger Aim 2 Set the size of your aim circle. Made on request of Fomir. Optional support for Neoloader and Babel.
Bindable Launch 1 Registers the station launch function to a command "/launch" so pilots can bind it if they don't have access to the mouse pointer for whatever reason, like if they're in VR.
Buddy Counter for the DefaultUI 1 Add a counter to tell you how many buddies you have.
Clipboard Saver 1 [Due to platform limitations, this doesn't work yet] For pilots on devices with limited file access such as iOS, this utility lets you import and export text through your clipboard from the game's systemnotes where plugins usually keep bulk data. Optional support for Neoloader and Babel included.
Event Radar 2 [depreciated] An optional client plugin for team-based events, the EventRadar should help pilots recognize who is on their team. ER will listen to a pre-marked host's sector spam and use that to determine the pilot's team, printing a message to chat and sometimes affecting scan info and targetting box color.
FOV Toy 2 Creates a UI for managing your FOV.
Hitmarker 2 Add a configurable hit marker to Vendetta Online
IgnoreIRC1.4 3 New version of IgnoreIRC to work with the official vendetta online discord relay (VO-Discord)
Kill Tracker 1 This plugin is used to track kills in the sector, useful for hosting free-for-all styled events.
Neoloader NPLME 3 Neoloader is an alternative mod loading solution providing advanced in-game plugin management and controls. Version 6.1.1 LME API 3.11.0
Radial Hitflash 3 Appends a simple image to the hitflash, which makes it only affect the borders.
Reload Shortcut 1 Standalone mapping of ReloadInterface to the /reload command for your convenience
Reskin Theme Selector 2 Reskin makes managing your game skin easy! No more unnecessary config editing and mucking around with getting file paths right; just use a skin patched for Neoloader/Reskin, and select the skin you want right from in-game! [REQUIRES Neoloader]
Resound Core 1 Alternative Vanilla+ Music Core for Vendetta Online
Resound Mini Player 1 An optional client interface to manage Resound
Run Lua 1 A plugin that lets you execute multiple lines of lua code in the client, instead of using the single line within the game console. Intended for plugin developers.
say_system 1 Implements a /say_system command that operates like a normal chat command.
Shoutbox 1 Shoutbox is used for nationalistic and piracy messaging in 100; after you say a key phrase, the plugin will add on a random message from one you've stored.
Station Sign Debuzzer 1 (Not working right now?) Mute those annoying buzzing neon signs that float around stations!
Tabbed Chat 1 [depreciated] This utility allows a pilot the ability to switch to a tabbed chat interface instead of the default chat area, or make the tabbed chat their default.
TeamDX user client 1 An optional plugin for TeamDX that will modify targetting box color, scanner data, or place a message in chat for whether your target is on your team or not.
Timekeeper 1 Places a clock on the options display, with options for local, UTC, or Swatch Internet Time.
Velociraptor 3 A simple mod allowing pilots to change the size, shape, and color of their velocity indicator. This is a normally disabled part of the HUD that normally copies your aim direction indicator's image file.
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