Reskin Theme Selector

Reskin makes managing your game skin easy! No more unnecessary config editing and mucking around with getting file paths right; just use a skin patched for Neoloader/Reskin, and select the skin you want right from in-game!

[REQUIRES Neoloader]
This plugin REQUIRES Neoloader to function! You can download Neoloader from the links section on the right. For alternative language support, Babel is also needed, but not required to run this plugin.

Install like an ordinary plugin and enable in Neoloader

Type /reskin or use the button in the options menu

List of valid, working skins have been added to the vo-wiki! Make sure to download the skin from the 'adapted' link!
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
2.2.0 2023 - May 29 Download Use this version
2.1.0 2023 - Apr 10 Download Use this version
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