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Neoloader is an alternative mod loading solution providing advanced in-game plugin management and controls.

Version 6.1.1
LME API 3.11.0
No known issues in Vendetta 1.8.671
Severity: N/A
Game will launch and can be played just fine; Neoloader will launch successfully.

last updated: y2023/m12/d01

Please contact Luxen with your questions, concerns, and other invaluable feedback!

The purpose of Neoloader is to assist in loading plugins in Vendetta Online, using a dependency-ordered system. Besides the obvious benefit of allowing a user to enable or disable plugins in-game, this allows common-access libraries to be better utilized, and to improve and standardize communication between plugins, all in what aims to be a dummy-proof system requiring as little user-side configuration as possible. This expansion to the loading system in Vendetta Online is implemented using base-game functionality, and does not require modification of the game's files and doesn't exploit bugs in the sandbox environment.


Neoloader can be installed like any other normal plugin; drop the Neoloader folder into your game's plugin directory and launch the game. Neoloader will make the neccesary changes to your game from there; just follow the on-screen prompt, and then you're good to go!


Neoloader comes bundled with neomgr as a minimal management UI, but a custom UI can be used instead - if you intend to use such a utility, please refer to that mod's instructions.

To open the current active management utility, you can just type /neo in the game chat or console. If you are using neomgr, you will be greeted with a grey screen that lists your currently registered plugins.

Uninstallating Neoloader Normally:

Neoloader can be uninstalled through a few different mechanisms. If you have access to neomgr, the bundled UI for managing Neoloader, then you can use the uninstallation button on the settings page to safely remove Neoloader from launching. If neomgr is not available, you can also use /neodelete in the chat or game console. Once the uninstaller has made the necessary changes to the game configuration, you can safely delete the Neoloader folder from your plugin directory.

Uninstalling Neoloader when bugs prevent the game from launching:

If this occurs, you can manually delete Neoloader's files without using the uninstallation process. The game will complain about the interface "missing", and will probably close. Afterwards, relaunching the game should open the default interface like normal (unless the bug was caused by something other than Neoloader, of course)

If you delete the folder and are comfortable editing the game's INI file, you can also delete the following line from config.ini:

This will prevent the game from complaining that single time.


Neoloader itself is not compatible with interface replacers, as it registers itself as an interface. However, there is a system through Neoloader you can reroute custom interfaces through. Alternatively, you can wait for the upcoming MultiUI project, which lets you select between custom interfaces much like how Neoloader lets you select between plugins to load.

Neoloader cannot manage plugins that weren't designed with its API in mind. You can patch these plugins using NeoPatcher (will be linked here soon).

Contributing and API Documentation:

Making contributions should be handled through the Neoloader project's GitHub. Neoloader is still in active development, but at this time should be relatively stable 🤞
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
6.1.1 2023 - Dec 02 Download Use this version
6.0.0 2023 - Nov 02 Download Use this version
5.4.0-hotfix 2023 - Aug 01 Download Use this version
5.4.0-beta 2023 - Jul 29 Download Use this version
5.3.1 -beta 2023 - Jun 15 Download Use this version
5.3.0 -beta 2023 - Jun 15 Download Use this version
5.2.0-beta 2023 - May 01 Download Use this version
5.1.2-beta 2023 - Apr 10 Download Use this version
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