Babel Translation Library

Babel provides other mods the ability to support multiple languages through an individualized translation table system.
This plugin REQUIRES Neoloader or a compatible LME provider to function!

Babel can be installed like any normal mod; download through Vortex or drag and drop into your plugins directory. Make sure to enable Babel in game through your LME!

Babel does not have any additional steps to take before removing; it can be safely removed at any time.

Babel itself provides little to actually do, as it is intended to be a library for other mods. However, in order for those mods to provide output in your desired language, you must first select the language you prefer. use /babel in the game chat or console to open the configuration menu. In this menu, you can select one of the registered languages, as well as enable/disable precaching of translation files (see below).

Babel comes with English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese languages, but it is still up to the individual mod authors to support them (and/or any other languages that could be registered separately or bundled in the future).

Babel will cache every translation it fetches for a mod; future requests for the same line by the same mod will be much faster as a result. However, you can also select to enable precaching, which will make Babel cache a mod's entire translation table when it is registered. This can GREATLY increase the game's initial loading time, depending on the user's computer/phone and the size of the translation table, so it is disabled by default.
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1.1.1 2023 - Nov 02 Download Use this version
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1.0.0 2023 - Apr 30 Download Use this version
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