Resound Mini Player

An optional client interface to manage Resound
[Neoloader is REQUIRED for Resound functionality!]
This is a client for Resound Core! Download the core mod from the links on the right!

Resound is an overhaul of the vanilla music system so adding additional soundtracks can be made easy, all while following vanilla-styled playback rules, or expanded with additional rulesets.

Resound Mini Player is an optional client interface made to manage Resound. Use /rsplayer to open the interface; the top dropdown allows album selection, and the list below that for individual song selection. Make sure to download Resound Core in order to use this mini player, and that both are enabled in your LME environment provider!
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
1.3 2023 - Nov 26 Download Use this version
1.2 2023 - Oct 18 Download Use this version
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