What It Does:

Simply Enter a Turret
Binds take care of timing and triggers via plugin (initialised at login)

What it will do SoonTM:

I wanted a way to command the turretbot(s) to do something in group chat, such as ^stop to stop firing, and ^target "str" to target the nearest character with "str" in the name.

Commands are displayed with /turretbot
/turret[1,2,3,4] selects which turret you want to enter (for best results, do not use slime's turretviewer plugin, as this does not give a good idea of what the turret # is) in the List view.
/firecracker, /gemini, To change the delay of re entering turrets, gemini is by default.
/break, to deconstruct, then reconstruct the default binds, to stop the turret from firing. (best to do this after the bot has entered the turret after a few seconds)
/turretfire to start shooting with current settings

Plugin Notes:
There is no current way to stop the turretbot from accidentally leaving the turret at the exact time the trident jumps, so it could inadvertently leave the gunner hanging in the sector behind.
All timings are made with client lag in mind, giving about a second buffer so the client can catch up.
I used aliases for the bulk of the program, however eventually I'd like this to be part of the plugin.
The break alias was designed to temporarily stop the shooting, and then recreate the default aliases
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