Prospector 3 - Version 3.0

Version 3.0~Snib
* Unofficial release

WARNING: This version significantly changes the database format. It can read
your existing database but it will be changed in the process, making
it incompatible with the official version of the plugin.
Make a backup of your data (settings folder) first if you want to be
able to go back to the official version after using this one.

- Maintenance:
* Add support for Sammic ore
* Add support for all mineral scanners addons, and for Trident/Goliath
built-in scanners
* Update ore XP values

- Improvements to storage and performance:
* Now checks the database version at the start and automatically performs a
database upgrade if an old version is detected. Depending on the number of
necessary changes this may briefly freeze the game on slow systems but
will only happen once.
* Massively reduce the amount of data stored for each asteroid and sector,
leading to a much smaller and more efficient database. For example, the
sample database from v2.6 gets reduced in size by over 419%.
Existing databases will be compacted during the database upgrade process,
which will also detect and remove some invalid data.
* Now stores all scanned asteroids, MinXPV threshold only affects display -
asteroids marked as "junk" in the old version revert to "unscanned" status
* Only store asteroid data when it actually changed, not after every scan
* Fix asteroid data not properly updating on rescan
* Fix asteroid data sometimes getting saved to the wrong asteroid
* Fix ore summary data for sectors A-1 and P-16 getting saved to the wrong
system. Existing data will get fixed during the database upgrade process.
* No longer load and save system summary data on every single scan, now only
load once while in a system and only save when data actually changed, after
you are done scanning
* No starter database is required anymore (nor is it included)

- Auto-scanner rewritten with optimized target selection algorithm:
* Only targets asteroids & ice crystals, no longer ships & wormholes
* Prioritizes the first unknown asteroid it finds within scanner range,
otherwise always targets the closest unknown asteroid in radar range
* While unscanned asteroids are in radar range, by default re-targets every
second. This scan frequency is configurable on the fly via the GUI so you
can find a value that works best for your device and connection speed.
* While no unknown asteroid is found within radar range, re-targeting
frequency will automatically be slowed to up to 5s, depending on radar

- GUI related changes:
* Miscellaneous:
- Fix various GUI crashes
- GUI restyled to match the style of the game's UI
- GUI made taller so more data can be shown at once, wider on small screens
- Fix various other cosmetic issues with the way data is shown in the GUI
- Delete button removed since it served no purpose in this version
- GUI shortcut keys allow direct access to certain views:
s for Sector
u for Universe
f for Search
c for Config
If you bound a key to open the GUI you can press the same key to close
it again (if not one of the keys above). Esc works as well, of course.
* Search view:
- Fix asteroids in Bractus not being searchable
- Add asteroid counts to search results
- Add indication to search results whether the sector has a station, and
in nation space also whether it has collector or combat bots
- Sort search results by sector name
- Enable search for all ores instead of just high value ones
- Clicking a sector in search results shows the corresponding sector view
* Universe view:
- Fix ByOre and BySystem views being switched
- Add asteroid counts for the given ore in each system
- BySystem view lists systems vertically to support all resolutions
- Missing view removed, it had little value
* Sector view:
- Fix sorting - lists now sort by selected parameter, then XPV, then mass
- Fix sorted lists not showing actual values but a sort index
- Gross value is now "mass * XPV / 100" instead of "mass + XPV" and is
just called "Value" now
- Lists now always show XPV and Mass except when sorting by Value, but
unless sorting ByMass then Mass is only shown if it has been measured
- Add "ByOre" sort option
- Fix targeting selected asteroids sometimes failing despite being in range
- Selecting an asteroid in range while having a mining beam equipped will
display the asteroid's temperature and distnace in the list and update
them in real time while the asteroid remains selected
- Selecting an out of range asteroid via the GUI now shows a corresponding
message and targeting will retry every 5 seconds until found.
The target search can be cancelled via a button in top right of the GUI,
by scanning another asteroid or by toggling auto-scanning.
- Add button allowing to reset all data for the displayed sector, in case
you want to start with a clean slate when using an old database.
- Show the name of the displayed sector on the first button at the top
- Show scan completion % on the third button at the top except in ByOre
sort mode, where that button is used to select the Ore to sort by
- While viewing another sector (via search results), clicking
"Set NavRoute" at the top right will plot a course to that sector
* Config view:
- Fix certain settings changing automatically while changing views
- Fix settings not actually saving settings when you click Save
- MinXPV can now be changed on the fly, the "junk" asteroid filter adjusts
- Add AutoScanFrequency as a user configurable value
- Add StartupDelay as a user configurable value. This is the time it takes
for Prospector to become ready to use and is a workaround for a crash bug
on some systems when many plugins register many event handlers at the
same time, in particular Targetless. On my system it works fine without a
delay, so feel free to experiment. It's ultimately a bug in the game.
- Add +100/-100 buttons to conveniently change values without having to
type them. The lowest you can go is 1.
* Performance improvements:
- No longer load sector data on basically every click in the GUI, only
load when necessary now (when viewing other sectors)
- No longer load data for all systems every time a system view is shown,
do it at most once while the GUI is shown, and only if necessary
- Same as above for Search views, only load system data where necessary
and at most once

Targetless plugin compatibility:
* Block some Targetless features during auto-scan for performance reasons.
This will also prevent Targetless from saving ore data while Prospector's
auto-scan is running. This was necessary because Targetless is currently
not built for the high speed scanning that Prospector can handle and will
cause noticeable stuttering/freezing of the game if left enabled.
Known issue: If you activate auto-scan after jumping into a new sector but
before Targetless has refreshed itself then you can still get stuttering -
this will not be addressed, just toggle auto-scan to fix. Same goes for
using certain Targetless commands while Prospector's auto-scan is running,
e.g. /unroid.
* Add command /prExportToTargetless to export Prospector's ore data to the
Targetless plugin. Run the command in game for a more detailed explanation
and usage information.
* Add command /prImportFromTargetless to import ore data from the database
of Targetless. Only new data will be added to Prospector, no data will be

* Ore colors adjusted to match the corresponding ore icons and to be more
distinct from each other
* Nearly all messages including scan data are shown on the HUD (if visible)
to reduce chat spam. This is configurable.
* Scanning a new asteroid now shows its stats same as for known asteroids
* Default MinXPV changed to 1 - the feature seems more confusing than useful
* No longer spam stats for random systems
* No longer spam sector stats in station or if not equipped with a mineral
* Introduce a third verbosity level "Normal" in addition to the old "Quiet"
and "Noisy". Quiet only displays essential messages, and no asteroid data,
Normal hides some non-essential and repeating messages, and Noisy includes
everything. The frequency of the sector status messages has been greatly
reduced for all modes that show them, in particular if no unscanned
asteroids are in the sector. It is higher during auto-scanning.
* Lots of code cleanup, refactoring, optimizations and fixes not listed above

Plugin: Prospector 3
Version: 3.0 / 3.4.2
Release Date: June 20th, 2022
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