Prospector 3 - Version 3.0.8

* Fix exception if targetless is not installed.
* Revert target type identification change causing an issue with Asteroid Debris

including from Version 3.0.1 yesterday:

* Fix search results not showing if they include only a single sector
* Fix being able to click on empty search results, resulting in an error
* Fix sector status not always printing on entering a sector when it should
* Fix sector data reset not working
* Fix clicking an asteroid in sector view can leave another object targeted
if the asteroid was not in range
* Fix GUI dropping behind the HUD if the HUD is clicked
* Fix GUI colors for some buttons not adjusting to active skin
* Fix scan range not resetting when changing equipment
* GUI search view now supports my new Botwatcher plugin to display hive activity in asteroid fields also in unmonitored space
* GUI "Save" button renamed to "Save Setttings" to make its purpose clearer
* No longer block auto-scanning when a hive queen or leviathan is present
* Further optimized target type identification and single targeting speed

Plugin: Prospector 3
Version: 3.0.8 / 3.4.2
Release Date: June 27th, 2022
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