Prospector 3 - Version 3.2

* Notify the user when a change in asteroid ore composition is detected. The plugin always detected this but did not notify about it. It's not as relevant anymore since the devs have now supposedly fixed the bug where the asteroid composition regularly changed in a handful of sectors.
* GUI now has tooltips on all buttons if tooltips are enabled in game options
* GUI Search and Universe BySystem views now sort system names alphabetically
* GUI gets closed automatically upon entering another sector because it ends up behind the HUD if left open
* GUI Sector reset confirmation dialog is now modal, i.e. you cannot ignore it
* Fix tiny lag spike when closing the GUI that was introduced last release
* Auto-scan system fully scanned error message now includes the asteroid count
* Fix single search cancel message not showing the correct asteroid id
* No longer slow down scan frequency when no unscanned asteroids in range - it remains a good idea but it was not transparent to the user
* Fix targetless causing a crash if auto-scan is active when logging out

Plugin: Prospector 3
Version: 3.2 / 3.4.2
Release Date: July 24th, 2022
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