Prospector 3 - Version 3.3

NOTICE: This version includes a database upgrade which can lead to a short freeze the first time you run it.
* GUI: Search results now list the maximum ore percentage in sector
* GUI: Search results now list the number of asteroids with at least a specific percentage of the searched ore, if such a percentage has been configured for this ore
* GUI: Scroll position is now reset to the top when switching views
* GUI: Only rows you are meant to be able to select can be selected now
* GUI: size increased, it didn't fit all data in sector view in some cases
* Add command /prImportFromRoidDB to import ore data from the database of the MDI RoidDB plugin. There is no corresponding exporter because RoidDB can import from targetless, so you can just export to that format if needed.
* Fix a crash with the targetless importer when targetless is not installed
* Fix a crash upgrading from a legacy database

Plugin: Prospector 3
Version: 3.3 / 3.4.2
Release Date: August 7th, 2022
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