MDI RoidDB - Version 1.1.0

It's always recommended to backup your `settings` folder before upgrading any plugin that stores data.

* Added target ping to refresh the target for faster scanning
* Added feature to not store roid data unless done manually (/roiddbstore)
* Added announcement informing the user of how many roids have been scanned
* Added the ability to delete roids from the database
* Added a Jump button to the GUI
* Added additional seek modes. Can now select between "Continuous", "Single Sweep" and "First In Range"
* Added the option to use the PC layout on a mobile device
* Asteroid matrix now remembers the sort order between pages
* Roids can now be pinned using TargetList's /pintarget
* When there are no unscanned roids in range, you will now be informed how many are currently scanned.
* The GUI can now be closed by pressing the key that `roiddb` is bound to.
* Fixed Search not reporting the correct number of asteroids when the filter is "All"
* Fixed the Asteroids Tab not displaying all roids in range with a specific ore
* Fixed tab list refresh on undock
* Fixed error in tab when distance not reported properly
* Fixed RoidDB import with a lot of roids

Plugin: MDI RoidDB
Version: 1.1.0 / 1.1.0
Release Date: December 20th, 2023
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