Trade Assistant 2

Created by Mad Miner Moda in 2014, fixed and improved by Snib in 2022.

Store sellable item data relevant for trading (prices, cu and kg) and provide a GUI for finding profitable trade routes and where item are sold.

Visit each single station in game to record their inventory. Note that some stations are fully dynamic (currently only Latos stations) and their inventory changes depending on what gets sold there.

Sell prices can only be obtained for items you have in your inventory (in your ship's cargohold or stored at the station you are in).

Sell prices depend on player supply, whereas buy prices are usually static. Commodity prices are, however, modified by the player's trade skill level and standing with the faction operating the station.
/ta              -- show GUI
/ta fullscreen   -- toggles between fullscreen and
                    windowed mode
/ta target_print -- toggles printing of sell prices
                    of current target or target's
                    scanned cargo - prices are
                    color coded based on credits/cu
                    to decide at a glance what is
                    worth taking
/ta version      -- print Trade Assistant version
/ta reset        -- reset database, all existing
                    data will be lost
Version Release Date Download My Plugins
2.1.1 2022 - Oct 01 Download Use this version
2.1 2022 - Sep 18 Download Use this version
2.0 2022 - Sep 15 Download Use this version
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