Trade Assistant 2 - Version 2.1

* Added /ta target_print command to toggle printing of sell prices of currently targeted item(s) or of the items in a targeted ship's scanned cargo. The price will be the best price in your database for either the current sector, the current system or the entire universe. Prices are color coded based on credits/cu to decide at a glance what is worth taking. This feature was inspired by the catalog plugin.
* Added /ta fullscreen command to toggle between the default windowed GUI and a fullscreen view
* Switched Buy and Sell column names on the goods tab since it was confusing users. They did indicate the prices the listed stations buy and sell at, but now they indicate the prices you can buy and sell at to said station, making it more consistent with user expectations and the terminology on the stations tab.
* Fix GUI dropping behind the HUD if the HUD is clicked
* Added larger margins around controls on mobile platforms only
* Stations tab now always preselects the next station in the current navroute as the target station, not the final destination in the route
* Fixed some overlooked bugs along the way
* /ta purge renamed to /ta reset

Plugin: Trade Assistant 2
Version: 2.1 / 2.1.1
Release Date: September 18th, 2022
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