Trade Assistant 2 - Version 2.0

* New, smaller and more reliable database format that fixes name collisions by using ids rather than names (also fixes the data loss when items are renamed)
* An existing database will be converted to the new format - no data will be lost but the GUI will only show old prices once the respective items have been encountered in a station once (incl. in your inventory), and information about crystal cost and dynamic economy stations requires revisiting those stations
* The new database is stored with a fixed file name (system20100201notes.txt) for easier sharing between characters via symlinked folders. Prices are character-specific but I nevertheless prefer to share them.
* Fix sorting for everything
* Fix item stats not updating
* Fix mass and volume stats not getting saved for all items
* Fix incorrect mass of ships, partly due to a game bug. Should the bug ever get fixed then change true to false in this line near the top of the main.lua (after the description):
local shipMassBugWorkaround = true
See for the bug report.
* Fix item price not including crystals for non-full premium players
* Fix items not getting removed from stations that no longer sell them
* Goods colors adjusted
* Location names reformatted: the system name is now shown in faction color, after which the station faction and type are shown instead of the station name. For stations with a dynamic economy an orange D is added at the end.
* Goods tab: double clicking on a row creates a navroute to that station
* Stations tab: results are colored same as in goods dropdown
* Stations tab: sort stations in dropdowns by factions before system names
* Stations tab: preselect current station/station in current system, if any
* Stations tab: preselect destination station based on current navroute final destination (if any) when switching to the Stations tab - if the final destination is your current station (round trip) then the next hop is used instead
* Stations tab: added button to switch buy and sell stations so you can easily check the return journey
* Stations tab: remove irrelevant profit/kg column
* Stations tab: GO button removed, the results now show automatically when either station is selected
* Stations tab: consider crystals in profit calculation for non-premium players; if any crystals are lost the trade is considered a loss
* Prices now get updated each time the station updates them, not just upon entering the station
* System and galactic best prices for all items in your ship's inventory and for sale by the station are gathered each time they update - for your ship's inventory also while in space (data saving is delayed so this won't cause lag)
* Fix dropdowns being empty if first opened in space
* Fix plugin not reloading properly on ReloadInterface() or when switching characters
* Remove unnecessary chat spam about saving data, you don't need to know
* Window size now scales with font size, will usually be less wide so lists are easier to read

Plugin: Trade Assistant 2
Version: 2.0 / 2.1.1
Release Date: September 15th, 2022
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