Welcome to the Vendetta-Online Unofficial Plugin Repository (VOUPR)

VOUPR provides a central location for plugin maintainers to post and distribute their software. Users may then download, rate and mark plugins to be notified when updates are released. Most importantly, VOUPR standardizes plugin information and versions in a machine-readable format allowing for the creation of auto-updaters and plugin syncing.

For a complete list of hosted plugins, see the main plugin list.

For installation instructions, see the forum thread.
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Recent Updates

Aug 22 DroidButtons uploaded version 2.5.0
Aug 21 MDI TargetList Tab - Chainfire uploaded version 1.0.0
Aug 1 Neoloader NPLME uploaded version 5.4.0-hotfix
Jul 29 Neoloader NPLME uploaded version 5.4.0-beta
Jul 2 DroidButtons uploaded version 2.4.3
Jun 15 Neoloader NPLME uploaded version 5.3.1 -beta
Jun 15 Neoloader NPLME uploaded version 5.3.0 -beta
Jun 14 Bigger Aim uploaded version 1.0.0
Jun 2 Station Sign Debuzzer uploaded version 1.0.0
Jun 1 Clipboard Saver uploaded version 1.0.0
May 30 DroidButtons uploaded version 2.4.2
May 29 Reskin Theme Selector uploaded version 2.2.0
May 14 MDI TargetList Tab - Cargo Finder uploaded version 1.3.0
May 14 MDI Targetlist Tab - Capship uploaded version 1.4.0
May 6 Fixed Manu for 1.8.623+ uploaded version 0
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