Plugin List

Plugin Rating Users Description
enterleave 301 Notifies user when particular characters or bots enter or leave the sector.
targetless 117 Advanced targeting overlay for your HUD.
Honk 102 Allows you to honk at other ships in the sector. Other users of the plugin (as well as you) will hear a honking sound, which differs based on ship.
DroidButtons 95 The DroidButtons plugin allows users on the Android platform to create additional buttons on the HUD for an enhanced gameplay experience. These buttons can be assigned any commands.
Auto R/R 70 Automatically repair/reload when docking with a station/capship.
InfiniTurbo 49 Allows your ship to turbo constantly - even if the engine drains more than the power cell provides. Three modes are available: Stacking: Keep ship at exact speed to stack missiles (80m/s) Speed: Turbo as fast as possible (keeping 25% charge for warp) Energy: Keep the ship running fast, but slowly charge cell to 100%.
M.A.I.D. 45 M.A.I.D. (Mining And Inventory Daemon) Manage ship cargo, ores and mining. Features: * Automatically jettison items of your choosing (ores, cargo, scrap, etc). * Jettison items immediately (combat mode) or just before ship is full. * Time cargo drops to make sure they don't disappear. * Monitor asteroid temperatures to prevent overheating. * Review mining and cargo statistics.
Ship Loadouts Manager 40 Save ship loadouts on a per-station basis. Allows custom loadout names.
AutoLogin 37 Automatically logs you in. Edit the main.lua file with a text editor to configure it.
MDI TargetList 37 A minimalist on-HUD target list display.
Trade Assist 34 TA (Trade Assistant) is a local caching database with query/compare for station commodity's by Mad Miner Moda. 2 key critical parts to this. 1) dock, add station to list if not there already. get price for all station items for sale get sell prices for all items in your inventory, ships, items, etdc.. 2) query/compare show 2 stations. pick buy/sell stations. show profit/loss between stations A and B. :notes: negative profit does not show up. profit marked with a ''p' is unknown volume so assuming 1 cu. cu or mass marked with a ?? is unknown. for the buy/sell stations to work you MUST have items from teh 'buy' station at the 'sell' station for it to register.\ trade tab will show all stations that buy or sell that you have visited.
TargetBinds 34 A simple plugin which allows you to send your current target's information to either Guild or Group chat. Example: (guild) [Deneb B-12] Current target: Hokanes Harolus, piloting a Serco SkyCommand Prometheus with 38% armour. Commands: /grouptarget -- Sends your target's info to Group chat. /guildtarget -- Sends your target's info to Guild chat. /ttarget -- Sends your target's info to Sector chat /spamtarget -- Sends your target's info to your active channels
ToasterCrushSuite 34 Various plugins that are useful for flight/awareness.
TurretHop 31 TurretHop - Quickly enter one of your own turrets from the HUD.
BountyHUD 29 Adds to the HUD the total bounty on your head, as well as any bounty on your target.
Asteroid Spotter 28 Online database of thousands of asteroids. Downloads for each sector as you enter. Targeting shows the composition so you don't need a scanner. Scanning new ones adds them to the database. Find function finds what you need. Check the website:
AutoRR 28 A revised version for Auto Reload and Repair that has a toggle function (/autorr) and allows custom colour configurations by editing the main.lua. Perfect for avoiding the hefty reload fee's on those TU mines!
Sound Alert Suite 26 Plays alert sounds for various in-game actions
Show Players In Sector 24 This plugin shows players in sector with guild tags and faction colors. List is shown every time someone enters or leaves the sector.
SpeedWarp 24 Increases the FOV as you exceed your ship's standard velocity. Looks particularly nice in the 3rd person view.
MultiAim 22 Adds secondary/tertiary leadoff reticles for different weapon triggers instead of just the primary.
Prospector2.5 22 New Gui Improved scanning Database 285k located 7000 recorded
Infininate Turbo Modified 21 I modified it to use the original "infiniturbo" and "it" for using it. So you can do a "/it stacking" or "/it on" Added "/turbolock" so you can just bind that to a key for locking turbo, I had that on an alias etc, now just use that on the same key bind. Made the plugin adjust the stacking speed by using a + or - number like this: /it 20" That would change the stacking speed to 100m/s from the default of 80m/s. If you do a "/it stacking" it will set the speed back to the default of 80m/s. This is handy for alts that have to use the slower locust swarms etc. Just use a "/it -5" for 75m/s.
Calculator 21 A simple scientific calculator window.
Turrets of the Elite 20 Top of the line black market automatic turret defense computer plugin! Once only owned by the elite, I tip the scales and give it to the people. seems to like the command /defend seems to work best with navcomp/infinitubo modified /turbohop(aka autojump) all conveniently located on TGFTs PUBLIC plugin page.
NavHome 19 Adds button to nav screen that plots a course back to your home station.
Captain's Kit 18 A few useful tools for capital ship captains. Features: - Displays dock/undock messages on the HUD. - Hold fire to lock out all gunners. - Turret assignments for gunners. - Auto-kick for all crew when self-destruct is activated. - Parking spot reminder.
Catalog 18 Catalogs information on items (prices, stats, etc.). When you target a stack of items, it displays the estimated value.
Improved Manu 18 This is a modified version of the old manu plug it now includes the Goliath build.
TGFT_Utilities 16 Many functions for finding things in VO. General Utilities. Disclaimer: Collects and transmits data on sectors, players that you encounter and price data for items in stations. Data translated is not anonymous and will provide information about your location and those around you to TGFT. Analysis of this data could reveal sensitive details about your characters movements, travel companions, and be used to identify alternate characters. See /tgft for help and more info on the plugin. /search /botsearch /lowprice /highprice /stations /mydent /autounload /turbotoggle /players /turbotoggle /launch /bindsave /alarm See more info on the TGFT forums under plugins.
Parsec music plugin 15 The Parsec music plugin is another VO music replacement program. This one replaces the music with the music from the old LAN space shooter Parsec. It mimics the behavior of their music system as well
RadarSwap 15 Allows you to select different images to use for the radar and change its size.
AutochainMK1 14 Autochain aliases written for Android, in many wondrous flavours for all your boomy boomy needs! Suggestions welcomed!
AutoJett 14 Automatically jettison certain ores.
dopplerhostility 14 Paints ships in the radar red if they are approaching, and green if they are stationary or moving away. Optionally flashes back and forth when the ship is within the proximity alarm's distance.
kill_notify 14 Displays appropriate colours for player kills, and downplays colour of bot kills. This plugin also takes advantage of the revised PLAYER_DIED event, allowing you to see all kills made by people within 15,000m.
MDI RoidDB 14 Local asteroid database plugin with an enhanced GUI
MfgAide 14 Displays list of missing items needed for the active manufacturing mission
Turret Selection Interface 14 A new view for the capship Turrets tab which displays turrets as icons directly on the ship model, so you are easily able to see exactly where you the turret is located. Video:
deboop 13 Replaces the hit beep with a the machine gun sound from OpenArena
Key manager 13 Features: - show station key statuses - give/revoke user keys (+ playername "cycle" autocomplete). - copy members from other keys 0.8 changes (2020-01): - Optimized fetching key data - Possible issue: When a key access data gets updated, it might not show up in plugin, before vo-client is fixed to keep its internal key data tables updated... 0.7 changes (2018-01): - Multi-select support 0.6 changes (2017-04): - fixed size overflow problems with long key names 0.5 changes (2017-02): - skip handling events when ui is not running 0.4 changes (2015-12): - Added options to copy/clear selected members in clipboard and key lists. 0.3 changes (2015-12): - player names colored by faction - spammy messages supressed ("key info received", "user key given to ...", "user key taken from ...") 0.2 changes (2015-11): - minor UI fix (Screenshots are outdated, I'm getting permission denied error when uploading new images..)
ChanColors 12 Allows you to assign colors to individual channels.
Channel Log 12 Shows all the channels you are in broken down by one channel per tab in the UI. Unique tab for guild and private.
FCP 12 FCP by Harpo v1.08 Vendetta Online manufacturing helper plugin, mainly for items where many of the same are needed Usage: Enter any one of the following commands in the chat window... /fcp /ffsa /ffssa /rb /rib /fc /firecracker /mca /iba /eha For corvus widowmakers the station is the parameter: /cwm "Bractus D-9" The plugin will reply with how many of the item you can make with current inventory, and which ingredient is most urgently needed to keep production moving. To see more detail after one of these is run, open the console window with ` and look at the bottom of the console log.
Prospector 3 12 Plugin to gather and organize asteroid data, including a high-performance auto-scanner, asteroid thermal mass measurement (higher mass = slower heat-up), and a GUI to easily locate the asteroids you scanned. This plugin is a complete rewrite of PaKettle's original Prospector plugin with many new features and much better performance. Make sure to read the changelog if you are upgrading from that version. Fully compatible with targetless incl. import/export of asteroid data. Can also import from MDI RoidDB. Will make use of my Botwatcher plugin, if also installed.
Space Scan 12 Space Scan plug-in looks asynchronously for an objects in near space (in radar range) and compare their names with those from the list. There is a basic list which includes useful substrings of hive drops: "xit", "hive", "cpu", "proc", "synth", "grade", "neural", "cyber" You may always add or remove any search substrings by issuing a scan_add or scan_del commands. Those commands are accepting multiple arguments at once /scan_add arthemis nanite /scan_del orun scrap The space scanning must be toggled by scan_toggle command to begin or stop. It is practical you bind this toggling to key: ----- /bind F2 scan_toggle -----
TapLockTurbo 12 Works like +turbo (press to turbo, release to stop turboing), unless you double-tap it. When double-tapped, it locks turbo until the next time you press it.
TargetButton 12 Performs "Target Nearest", ignoring hostility. Ignores group members by default (this is optional). Can optionally ignore guild members as well.
reporter 11 A simple guild chat PK reporting plugin.
bestsell 11 Finds the item, which has the best profit / cu in ship cargo. Extremely useful when you have items with different volumes (2cu, 4cu, ..) and you have to quickly determine the best item to trade. Check also the buyall plugin.
DisplayShipPos 11 This re-introduces the old /DisplayShipPos command.
Killshot 11 Takes screenshot when player kills someone.
Trade Assistant 2 11 Created by Mad Miner Moda in 2014, fixed and improved by Snib in 2022. Store sellable item data relevant for trading (prices, cu and kg) and provide a GUI for finding profitable trade routes and where item are sold. Visit each single station in game to record their inventory. Note that some stations are fully dynamic (currently only Latos stations) and their inventory changes depending on what gets sold there. Sell prices can only be obtained for items you have in your inventory (in your ship's cargohold or stored at the station you are in). Sell prices depend on player supply, whereas buy prices are usually static. Commodity prices are, however, modified by the player's trade skill level and standing with the faction operating the station.
Plod 10 -- ===== -- Plod. -- ===== -- Author: INKling -- -- Plod can be used to plot courses between two sectors. It will also buy and -- unload cargo between two stations, if you provide it after the second sector -- definition. For trading it will do everything but the flying. -- -- The trade item is case sensitive. -- -- Plod also has a mission mode. When active, it will listen for mission -- updates and try to find an destination sector and an item to trade. This has -- been tested mainly against hive skirmish and trading guild missions, though -- it should work with any mission I haven't thought of. -- -- Usage. -- ------ -- /plod [from sector] [to sector] [optional trade item] -- -- /plod mission -- Turns on mission mode. -- -- /plod off -- Turns plod off. -- -- Examples: -- --------- -- /plod sol e15 geira i5 XiRite Alloy -- /plod . geira o4 Basic Targeting Systems -- /plod a12 j6
CargoFind 10 Find a specific widget by name.
CombatAssist 10 A few simple bindings for keyboard only players.
Max Profit 10 Adds a button to the sell dialog that finds the sell qty resulting in maximum total profit.
vzoom 10 Eldrad's variable zoom aliases packaged as a plugin.
HUD|HUB 9 Using Advanced Options Touch Interface Off affords a better view in game, but removes DroidButtons from the screen. For players using Android Client and a gamepad while screen casting to an external monitor the limits on available input buttons becomes a hassle. Before I start tweaking DroidButtons to remain on screen regardless of chosen Interface options I put together this simple plugin. Please view the README.txt for further information. If it is of use enjoy. Thank you.
Active Key Filter 9 A plugin to automatically keep your key list clean of old or inactive keys
MDI TargetList Tab - Cargo Finder 9 Adds a tab to TargetList to find cargo within radar range. Just select the item you are looking for to target the nearest one.
MDI Targetlist Tab - Capship 9 Various Capship commands and features summarized in one plugin and controllable from within the targetlist.
CapshipRedux 9 This plugin allows a capship owner to toggle the ability to automatically take control of his/her capship(without pressing a silly button), using the /controlcapship command. It also provides the following commands: /undockship1 /undockship2 ... /undockship6 Which undocks with the corresponding positioned ship. If there is no ship available, it does nothing. Updated because of bad ID
FactionColor 9 Colors names in the sector list by faction's default ship color.
HUDInfo 9 Moves kills, PKS, and nearby faction standings to HUD selfinfo box.
TurretBot 9 NOTE THAT THIS PLUGIN IS UNSTABLE AND NOT MAINTAINED What It Does: Simply Enter a Turret Binds take care of timing and triggers via plugin (initialised at login) What it will do SoonTM: I wanted a way to command the turretbot(s) to do something in group chat, such as ^stop to stop firing, and ^target "str" to target the nearest character with "str" in the name. Commands!! Commands are displayed with /turretbot /turret[1,2,3,4] selects which turret you want to enter (for best results, do not use slime's turretviewer plugin, as this does not give a good idea of what the turret # is) in the List view. /firecracker, /gemini, To change the delay of re entering turrets, gemini is by default. /break, to deconstruct, then reconstruct the default binds, to stop the turret from firing. (best to do this after the bot has entered the turret after a few seconds) /turretfire to start shooting with current settings Plugin Notes: There is no current way to stop the turretbot from accidentally leaving the turret at the exact time the trident jumps, so it could inadvertently leave the gunner hanging in the sector behind. All timings are made with client lag in mind, giving about a second buffer so the client can catch up. I used aliases for the bulk of the program, however eventually I'd like this to be part of the plugin. The break alias was designed to temporarily stop the shooting, and then recreate the default aliases
Libramatic Stimulatory Distractonator 9 It serves absolutely no purpose other than to make things trippy.
SwitchTarget 9 Plugin for groups that lets the leader change everyone else's targets. Now with support for subgroups and asteroids.
Timer 9 In-game timer to set your own countdown.
AnalogToDigital 8 Allows you to bind joystick axes to commands that normally require digital controls (e.g. +Shoot1, +Turbo, etc.)
CondHail 8 CondHail is a rule-based conditional hail plugin. You press one button, then it compares your target to a list of rules and criteria to choose what message to send.
ezGroup 8 Displays a dialog box when invited to a group.
HUD Messages 8 Displays messages for toggling F/A, A/A, mouselook, as well as the mining beam warnings on the HUD instead of the chatbox.
PVP Trainer 8 Watches your health and your targets health while you battle. Sounds a warning when one of you reaches 30% or lower. Announces the winner in Sector Chat. Use /startpvp or /stoppvp You can specify a percentage after the startpvp command like this: /starpvp 40 The default is 30%
TabReply++ 8 TabReply++ enhances the normal behavior of the Tab button for replying to PMs.(Does not currently work on Mobile)
Botwatcher 7 Automatically adds respawning bots found in unmonitored sectors at the top of your system notes for that sector. The format is the same as provided by the game for monitored sectors, but the typically more dangerous bots classes are sorted first. This is done at the time you spawn in a sector. If you enter the sector when all of a type of bot has just been killed and not respawned yet, then then this type will not be recorded. Just visit the sector again later and it will be corrected. The same goes for entering the sector out of radar range of the bots. Bots will not be recorded during ion storms. Only bots permanently found in a sector are recorded. The plugin tries to exclude unrats, voys, mission bots, hive infestations and similar "visitors" to a sector. This plugin has no commands or configuration options. Prospector 3 can use this plugin to display bot activity in its search results also for unmonitored sectors.
buyall 7 Handy plugin for buying and loading one piece of every trade item. If item is already loaded, then it is skipped. Check also the bestsell plugin.
Escort Turbo 7 This plugin will restrict your turbo to within 160m/s.
Background Toggler 7 Toggles whether the background should be displayed. Turning it off can be useful when trying to locate objects that are beyond radar range.
Odometer 7 This simple plugin estimates distance traveled and shows an odometer on your HUD.
TGFT_Utilities_secured 7 Same as TGFT_Utilities 1.90 but with all the network functions disabled. in this way you are not tracking anyone position.
Remote Control 6 Allows you to activate commands on a F2P account from a master account. Useful for remotely activating things such as turret defend on capship gunners, booby trap avalon ships and so on. Usage: Edit master list of allowed characters and default character. Install on F2P account device. /msg "F2P Character" defend /msg "F2P Character" shoot Enjoy
Capture the Flag 6 Two teams, two stations Take a piece of cargo from the enemy station and deliver it home to score! Team 1 home: Sedina D14 Team 2 home: Bractus D9 -Turbo is restricted while carrying a "flag" -Cargo auto ejects while playing unless it's the flag -When the flag is dropped if it can be defended for 3 min it will reset back to home station This is very proof of concept and very much in an alpha state. Stats are not saved yet due to potentially unstable nature of current release. Have fun, don't abuse it.
Guild Bank Stats 6 1st tab: displays guild bank events in scrollable list. 2nd tab: shows some player specific stats.
MDI TargetList Tab - Points-of-Interest 6 A tab for MDI-TargetList that displays points-of-interest in the current system and allows for the plotting of quick navigation routes to these places.
PMsound 6 Plays sound when you receive a PM.
Target Nearest Real Enemy 6 This plugin skips group and guild members when targetting nearest enemy. Please, report bugs via KNOWN ISSUES: If VO crashes, the original binds are not restored.
Trigger Colors 6 Adds new colors for the highlights around addons displayed on the HUD to distinguish which trigger it is set to
Wing Commander Music 6 Replaces Vendetta Audio with Wing Commander 1 tracks
SuperHonk 5 SuperHonk brings a new angle to the 'honk' industry! Ever tried of honking while traveling? Feel like you have to respond, but don't have the time? Introducing SuperHonk!! The tool that honks for you!! Disclaimer: This plugin was never tested before uploading to
Advanced Load 5 Adds a button "Advanced Load" to the cargo load section. You can load/unload cargo and ships, showing their contents, power cells and addons.
AutoJett_v2 5 This plugin is an enhanced(+fixed) version of the original AutoJett plugin ( I (Lanigiro Elbbarcs) copied it and changed it a little.
Auto-Target 5 Targets the closest non-friendly (N)PC when you kill your previous target.
Bigger Aim 5 Set the size of your aim circle. Made on request of Fomir. Optional support for Neoloader and Babel.
Cargolist-Redux-2020 5 This plugin is a cargo scanner that builds on Keller and Mick's work and is updated for VO's new preloading. You can scan all items or define item sets to scan for. Works with Targetless, has a nice UI and you can bind searches easily.
customHUD 5 Adds movable HUD displays with target, weapon and self info. Can also be used to toggle elements of the normal HUD, optionally at the press of bound keys.
DKAutofill 5 Deprecated - functionality available in the vanilla client.
Distributed IRC relay 5 Relay server and client to offload relay services across multiple players within a guild
ignoreturret 5 Target objects in front and exclude turrets.
NBskin 5 --THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN-- This is a skin made from scavenged parts and paint. You will need to move all of the .png files from "Neon's Skin" directly into //Vendetta Online/skin In your config.ini file add this line: skin = skin/ Enjoy. Comments on the forum thread:
Mayday 5 Sends an SOS signal when you are under attack and are looking for backup. Also includes the plugin TargetBinds.
Pay Something 5 The song "Pay Something" will play every time "Rin Ganborro" jumps into your sector. You can turn it off with /pizzasgood. Your welcome!
Neoloader NPLME 5 Neoloader is an alternative mod loading solution providing advanced in-game plugin management and controls. Version 6.1.1 LME API 3.11.0
QuickReply 5 Commands to make it easier to send PMs.
Radial Hitflash 5 Appends a simple image to the hitflash, which makes it only affect the borders.
Remote Pilot 5 This plugin will allow a ship to be controlled by other players from a pre-determined list. Great way to share your capship with your guild mates.
WeaponSafe 5 Adds a /safe command that puts weapons in a safe mode where not assigned to any trigger.
TargetTools(modified) 4 Just a small modification of the original TargetTools plugin to send target info to active channel. Also bindable through the TargetTools UI. Added Commands : ChanTarget ChanReady ChanAttacked
ClickCommander 4 Allows binding multiple commands to a single key, differentiating between a long press, single-click, double-click, etc.
CrystalCounter 4 Counts the crystals you earn daily, helping you to keep track of how close you are to your daily maximum. Prints the current daily total to your chat each time you earn a crystal, and also has a simple GUI to check your past earnings.
Hitmarker 4 Add a configurable hit marker to Vendetta Online
IgnoreIRC 4 Ignores players on IRC that are on your ignore list.
LegionHail 4 Provides ability to have multiple "modes" (e.g. pirate, trader, pvp), each of which can have any number of hails associated with it. When you run /legionhail, it will choose a hail at random from the current mode and send it to your target. It also integrates with KombatTunes, if installed, and on sending a hail it initiates the playing of a song if one isn't already active.
RadarColor 4 Allows customization of the color, shape and size of radar blips by type.
Shipviewer 4 This plugin provides a viewer for all ships currently in the game, incl. their liveries and most of their stats and requirements (see screenshots). See the plugin's main.lua for a more detailed description and usage information.
SmartJett 4 SilverBeam proudly presents you SmartJett,the ultimate autojett plugin! SmartJett can auto-detect the correct quantity and oretype at the start of a mission,thus engaging autojett with the correct ore. Smartjett has sound support via kombattunes. A voice will play at every quarter of mission completion to update you on your mission status. This can be disabled in the main file.
enhanced combat assist 3 Be better when new.
lulzVoiceLite 3 18+ nsfw version. Kids please use CompVoice-Lite. Much "improved" code though. ;-) Light version of the lulzVoiceboom plugin. Only contains pure distilled ethanol.
Advanced Chainfire Automation Module 3 A fresh lua-based implementation of a chainfire solution
AFK Toggler 3 Allows you to save PMs directed at you while you are AFK and respond to them when you get back.
Automatic Login 3 This plugin can log you in automatically and optionally load your preferred character. This also works after a logout. You can configure a a delay before the automation takes effect, and you until then you can cancel it at any time. As a bonus, the interface and all plugins get reloaded upon a logout.
CtC Countdown 3 This is the CtC Countdown plugin that alerts you of upcoming and in progress CtC with sounds. The Author is AWOL and this is here to keep it archived for future users. If the author returns message me in game or on the forums and I will add you as owner and remove myself.
EnterLeave VOID 3 EnterLeave edited to sendchat to guild by Blaqk.
Fixed Manu for 1.8.623+ 3 Latest version of manu fixed by Allepac Inati for VO versions newer than 1.8.623.
IgnoreIRC1.4 3 New version of IgnoreIRC to work with the official vendetta online discord relay (VO-Discord)
IMFG 3 Simple mfg helper, Prints debug messages to log To list commands: /imfg New GUI version in construction. Enjoy!
JettAll 3 Automatically jettison all cargo.
NBskin Fixed 3 --THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN-- This is a skin made from scavenged parts and paint. The previous iteration of this skin had an issue with flight assist. This is the fixed skin. You will need to move all of the .png files from "Neon's Skin" directly into //Vendetta Online/skin In your config.ini file add this line: skin = skin/ More information about installing skins can be found here: or Enjoy. Original thread: Fixed thread:
Prospector 3 Use the 2.5 version
Reskin Theme Selector 3 Reskin makes managing your game skin easy! No more unnecessary config editing and mucking around with getting file paths right; just use a skin patched for Neoloader/Reskin, and select the skin you want right from in-game! [REQUIRES Neoloader]
Mute Music 3 Toggles whether the game plays music or not. It will still play sound. You can optionally modify the sound and music volumes as well. It's mainly useful if you want to quickly disable the in-game music so you can listen to external music, and to quickly enable it again when finished.
ToasterCrushSuite_ 3 This version allows the compatibility for New UI as well as the Old UI. In the New UI the TCS Options button gets moved into the upper left corner; I am not proficient in IUP to prettify this, but it is functional. ~Spy Change Notes: • This uses Rio's finding of the line in question that caused the crash (main.lua:177), and tsreknor's telling me of the `usenewui` parameter in the config.ini • All we do is check if `usenewui` is true or false and execute the line in question ==== Original ==== Author: Scuba Steve 4.0 Name: ToasterCrushSuite Version: 1.2.1 URL: Description: Various plugins that are useful for flight/awareness.
TGFT Combat Assist 3 stolen from TGFT discord.uses external server.This is how TGFT fights so good
Velociraptor 3 A simple mod allowing pilots to change the size, shape, and color of their velocity indicator. This is a normally disabled part of the HUD that normally copies your aim direction indicator's image file.
VO Radio Suggestion 3 Very rough in game support for picking songs on VO Radio. Will only work if Mr. Universe is onlne. Seems he doesn't broadcast anymore. Ahh well
RollForLoot 2 Rolls a number between 1 to 100 and reports result to sector chat. Use /dice to roll in sector chat or /groupdice to roll in group chat.
cpreset 2 /cpreset save "name" - saves whatever you have loaded as preset with supplied name /cpreset load "name" - loads preset into the ship
Make100Great 2 Ignore frequent 100 abusers Usage: /make100great again
Actions Command Menu 2 A HUD addition that lets pilots quickly access common commands or phrases, mostly intended to be used in-combat.
AutoSell 2 /autosell add "EC-89" -- will add EC-89's to your auto-sell list. Multiple items are supported. Will sell all EC-89's in inventory when you dock. (unless it is the ship you're currently using.) /autosell on -- will turn autosell on /autosell off -- will turn autosell off /autosell del "EC-89" -- will remove EC-89 from your sell list. /autosell list -- will show your current sell list. /sellall "EC-89" -- will sell all EC-89's in inventory at the docked station
Babel Translation Library 2 Babel provides other mods the ability to support multiple languages through an individualized translation table system.
CompVoice-Lite 2 Lite version of the CompVoice plugin. Only contains voices for 5, 25, 50, and 75%.
Station Sign Debuzzer 2 (Not working right now?) Mute those annoying buzzing neon signs that float around stations!
flamboyancehud2020 2
FOV Toy 2 Creates a UI for managing your FOV.
Event Radar 2 [depreciated] An optional client plugin for team-based events, the EventRadar should help pilots recognize who is on their team. ER will listen to a pre-marked host's sector spam and use that to determine the pilot's team, printing a message to chat and sometimes affecting scan info and targetting box color.
Hangar 2 This plugin shows a list (GUI) of your ships inside your capship (with addons+cargo) and offers easy launch option for each ship. Screenshot: (couldn't upload screenshot here, so I uploaded it to imgur) (I made this plugin when the ship list had only cargo amount without contents. Now the contents are shown too. I'm a little late publishing this. Anyways here it is, use it if you like)
InSercorection 0.1 2 (Not a plugin - this is a skin) So I was bored, and I had noticed Niki was using the Insurrection skin, so I copied him because he is like l33t n stuff and then I made it all red and Serco like - because I like red stuff innit - so I've called it InSercorection. The worm hole graphic is probably the best bit. Feel free to pinch any images and use them as if they were your own (I did!). The skin works in VR (as should any skin with all the required images) but the dark radars do not work quite as well there so you may want to replace them. For instructions installing this skin, please see
KombatTunes 2 Plays a song at random (or determined by pattern matching). Intended to be used mainly by other plugins, e.g. LegionHail, but can also be used by hand. NOTE: This is the lite version that does not include sample audio. See the forum thread for a link to a version that includes sample audio.
MA 2 Manufacturing Assistant A new version of a manufacturing type plugin
quickjump 2 Stolen from ONE's discord.
MDI TargetList Tab - Chainfire 2 A tab for MDI-TargetList that allows you to quickly configure chainfire aliases.
NationWar Announcer Plugin 2 This is just a simple plugin I put together to help me with running Nation War. It lets me easily give the "20 minutes to nation war, yadda yadda" announcement, has a rule-spamming function, and can provide a countdown as well.
Say System 2 Enables /say_system Made per the directions @
Searcher 2 Aids Hard system search and auto plots each jump. usage: /NewSearch /searcher
stackorator 2 A minor change in mr_spuck's original stackorator plugin which keeps your chat log clean by flashing the stackorator message on the HUD.
tcft2 2 Worthless without a server. But make your own server and be in command.
TheeOxPlugin 2 TheeOx Plugin So far I created an interface to view Licenses and percentages while I fly. /TOP.toggle turns it on and off during flight Thanks for the help from the community on Discord to bring this together. Your assistance was appreciated.
tithe 2 Allows you to tithe a user set % of your profit to the guild bank. tithe 1.0 By: Mad Miner Moda 1) user can enable/disable this plugin. 2) user can set % to donate to the guild banking system. 3) when items are sold, % of the profit deposited into the guild bank. 4) baseline level is if your credits is under this amount it will not tithe more details/explanations in the header of the main.lua file
TRI Hyperjump 2 Adds a prompt to type in the name of the sector that you want to set a direct path to (jump_prompt). Adds a second prompt that uses predefined paths to plot to sectors (hyperjump_prompt).
Troll Ignore 1.04 2 Type /trollignore\r\nand 100 will be much more sane.\r\n
WikiGo 2 Adds an in-game shortcut to the community wiki. using /wiki , you can open any page on the wiki in your device's browser!
CapshipRedux-BadID 2 This plugin allows a capship owner to toggle the ability to automatically take control of his/her capship(without pressing a silly button), using the /controlcapship command. It also provides the following commands: /undockship1 /undockship2 ... /undockship6 Which undocks with the corresponding positioned ship. If there is no ship available, it does nothing.
AutoBind 1 This is a plugin to automattically bind your keybinds There are Two folders here DROP ONE OF THEM INTO YOUR PLUGIN FOLDER AutoBind-command: This version of AutoBind creates a command that you can run once in game through the chat window to set your keybinds AutoBind-on-enter: This version of AutoBind runs the program UPON ENTERING THE GAME Once you have put whichever version you want into your plugin folder please read the README.txt file in the version you chose
CombatHail 1 Sends a custom hail based on what nation your character is and if your target is an enemey, neutral, or an ally to said nation
ShareTarget 1 -This command takes user input to share to desired locations -You can share to sector, group, guild, active channel, a specific channel, system or private -You can share location, navigation, or current target
Bindable Launch 1 Registers the station launch function to a command "/launch" so pilots can bind it if they don't have access to the mouse pointer for whatever reason, like if they're in VR.
Clipboard Saver 1 [Due to platform limitations, this doesn't work yet] For pilots on devices with limited file access such as iOS, this utility lets you import and export text through your clipboard from the game's systemnotes where plugins usually keep bulk data. Optional support for Neoloader and Babel included.
Colorize 1 Colorize your player names on the Character Selection screen (after login) based on character faction.
CompVoice 1 Computerized voice for user settable health percentages (audible alerting) and optional HUD message.
Credit Counter v1.0 1 An extraordinarily complex plugin that prints how many credits you have earned for you character during your session. To use either type /getC or bind a key to getC such as: /bind L getC
Kill Tracker 1 This plugin is used to track kills in the sector, useful for hosting free-for-all styled events.
FlamboyanceHUD 1 Made by TRS. See Readme\\'s on forums.
IgnoreIRC1.2 1 New version of IgnoreIRC to work with (IRC)
IgnoreIRC1.3 1 New version of IgnoreIRC to work with (IRC) and VOA's IRC relay
Keep100great 1 We updated the list of names for 2020/4448. /keep100great will lower the toxic levels of 100.
launch_and_explode 1 launch, wait 10 sec and /explode, wait and start again. ** Please wait patiently few secs when buyback dialog appears...
Buddy Counter for the DefaultUI 1 Add a counter to tell you how many buddies you have.
Reload Shortcut 1 Standalone mapping of ReloadInterface to the /reload command for your convenience
Rent 1 /rent to see your current station storage rent and estimated weekly total. /rent autoreduce [on|off] to toggle reducing your reserved storage based on current inventory levels at ship docking.
Resound Core 1 Alternative Vanilla+ Music Core for Vendetta Online
Resound Mini Player 1 An optional client interface to manage Resound
Run Lua 1 A plugin that lets you execute multiple lines of lua code in the client, instead of using the single line within the game console. Intended for plugin developers.
say_system 1 Implements a /say_system command that operates like a normal chat command.
Shoutbox 1 Shoutbox is used for nationalistic and piracy messaging in 100; after you say a key phrase, the plugin will add on a random message from one you've stored.
SuperWave 1 untested. edited for a friend.
Tabbed Chat 1 [depreciated] This utility allows a pilot the ability to switch to a tabbed chat interface instead of the default chat area, or make the tabbed chat their default.
TargetTools(Modern) 1 A targeting plugin with various binds. It's been modified to work with VO's preloading
TeamDX user client 1 An optional plugin for TeamDX that will modify targetting box color, scanner data, or place a message in chat for whether your target is on your team or not.
Timekeeper 1 Places a clock on the options display, with options for local, UTC, or Swatch Internet Time.
Troll Ignore 1 Type /trollignore and 100 will be much more sane.
trollignore 1.05 1 /trollignore Make 100 lovely
URL Snatcher 1 Catches when URLs are put in chat and makes them accessible
wtfdump 1
ChSound 0 Plays sound whenever someone chats to the designated channel.
Doomsday client 0 Doomsday lua client
Manu for 1.8.623+ 0 Fixed version of Improved Manu for versions of VO newer than 1.8.623
TCFT3 0 You'll need to reverse engineer your own server from the json messages.
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